PMI Malaria Advisor
Location: Cotonou, Republic of Benin
Last Date: July 29, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen:

SUBJECT: Solicitation for a Personal Services Contractor (PSC) – PMI Malaria Advisor Position, USAID/Benin

Solicitation No.: PSC 680-08-008
Issuance Date: June 30, 2008
Closing Date: July 29, 2008
Closing Time: 12:00 noon local time

USAID/BENIN is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage all qualified candidates to apply. Persons with disabilities will be assisted and receive reasonable accommodation.

The United States Government, represented by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Benin is seeking applications (Optional Form 612 or Standard Form 171) from qualified U.S. Citizens, U.S. Resident Aliens, Third Country Nationals (TCNs), or Cooperating Country Nationals (CCNs), interested in providing the services described below.

Any questions as well as submission of applications in responses to this solicitation must be directed to:

Cosmas Apedo, Acquisition and Assistance Specialist
Office of Acquisition and Assistance
Rue Caporal Anani Bernard
American Embassy
01 BP 2012
Phone (229) 21-300-500, ext. 2112
Cotonou, Republic of Benin

Email address:

USAID/Benin anticipates awarding one (1) U.S. PSC, a TCN, or a CCN PSC contract as a result of this solicitation, subject to availability of funds. USAID/Benin reserves the right not to award any contract as a result of this solicitation. This solicitation does not represent a commitment on behalf of USAID. The US Government is not obligated to make an award or to pay any costs associated with the preparation and submission of a proposal in response to this solicitation. Full solicitation can be downloaded from the following USAID/Benin website address: Please select “USAID/Benin Solicitation for a Personal Services Contract (PSC) – PMI-Malaria Advisor Position” under “Contracting” from the home page to download the solicitation.

Rudolph Thomas
Mission Director


2. ISSUANCE DATE: June 30, 2008
3. CLOSING DATE: July 29, 2008 12:00 noon Local Time.
4. POSITION TITLE: PMI Malaria Advisor.
5. MARKET VALUE: GS-14 (US $81,093 to US $105,420) or FSN Grade-11
6. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: 24 months with possible extension for two
additional years.
7. PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: Cotonou, Republic of Benin.
8. SUPERVISION: USAID/Benin Family Health Team Leader.
9. AREA OF CONSIDERATION: U.S. Citizens, U.S. Resident Alien, Third
Country Nationals (TCNs) or Cooperating Country Nationals (CCNs).


The Malaria Advisor will collaborate with the USAID personnel managing the health portfolio, and provide technical and administrative guidance as needed. Concurrently, the Malaria Advisor, in collaboration with the PMI CDC Technical Advisor, and the Cognizant Technical Officers overseeing the Mission’s PISAF and IMPACT activities, shall oversee the planning, implementing, and monitoring of the PMI Initiative. He/she will be the point person to liaise with backstops for the PMI in USAID/W, in CDC, and in the USAID/Benin Family Health Team.

Specifically, the Malaria Advisor shall provide:
1) Management of Activity Implementation (30%)
The Malaria Advisor, in collaboration with the NMCP, will provide technical guidance to collaborating agencies, to ensure sound management of malaria interventions implemented under the PMI. This includes but is not limited to malaria prevention and control activities such as behavior change and communication activities, bednet purchase and distribution through the existing health services and at the community level, antimalarial drug purchase and distribution through the existing health services, IPT coverage and the diagnosis and treatment of acute malaria, and the indoor residual spraying conducted under the initiative. The Malaria Advisor, in collaboration with the PMI CDC Technical Advisor and the Family Health Team Leader, will also act as CTO of PMI implementing instruments and be responsible for monitoring and reporting the results for all PMI activities. He/she will ensure that PMI activities and other activities being implemented in the Family Health portfolio are mutually reinforced.

2) Activity Development and Design (25%)
The Malaria Advisor, working in collaboration with the NMCP and PMI staff will be responsible for developing annual Malaria Operational Plans (MOP) in line with PMI objectives and goals. This will include but is not limited to case management of malaria in health facilities and at the community level, distribution of malaria commodities and LLINs through health facilities, large-scale campaigns, and work with the private sector, intermittent preventive treatment of pregnant women, indoor residual spraying, and development of information, education and communications materials to promote the use of these interventions. Indoor residual spraying will be implemented in targeted areas as indicated by the NMCP.

3) Partner Relationships (25%)
Successful performance in this position depends upon establishing and maintaining productive collaborative relationships with a wide range of partners and stakeholders, the MOH, the regional health officers, local governments, the World Bank, the Global Fund, WHO, UNICEF, other Donors, and NGOs dealing with issues focusing on malaria. The Malaria Advisor shall, therefore, develop and maintain relationships with these partners and stakeholders in order to effectively ensure that all of USG PMI activities are complementary and enhance all other malaria activities being implemented in Benin. He/she will participate in meetings hosted by the NMCP on malaria.

4) Coordination with Other PMI Personnel (10%)
The Malaria Advisor will be required to communicate regularly and work jointly with other members of the USAID/Benin Family Health Team, USAID/Washington Global Health Bureau, and CDC Atlanta.

5) Monitoring and Evaluation (10%)

Monitoring and evaluation is a key component of the PMI. The Malaria Advisor shall be responsible for working with the PMI CDC Malaria Technical Advisor to develop a monitoring and evaluation plan in line with the PMI targets, as well as ensure that PMI partners develop project monitoring plans and reports in a timely manner on their activities. It is also expected that the Malaria Advisor shall provide expert advice and practical experience in helping the MOH, the NMCP and other partners to monitor inputs and outcomes, and progress towards PMI goals. The Malaria Advisor will collaborate with the World Bank Malaria Booster Project to conduct joint monitoring activities that involve the appropriate NMCP staff members.

The Malaria Advisor shall make sure that a coherent monitoring and evaluation plan is in place to track PMI activities results and impact for reporting to USAID/Washington. Significant results and impact data should also be presented to the NMCP twice a year.


The Contractor's period of service shall be approximately two years from the effective date of the contract with a possibility of renewal for two additional years. Extensions will be contingent on availability of funds and USAID approval. The individuals must be willing and able to spend as much as 20% of his/her time traveling.

US Citizens need to obtain a Security Clearance from SEC/STATE and a medical clearance from State M/MED. TCNs and CCN must obtain an employment authorization from the U.S. Embassy Regional Security Office and a medical clearance from a qualified doctor prior to the issuance of a contact. Former or Current TCN and CCN serving with the Federal Government need to submit all previous security clearances and/or police records with a completed local security clearance form.


Applicants meeting the required qualifications for the position will be evaluated based on information presented in the application and obtained through reference checks. USAID reserves the right to conduct telephonic interviews with the most highly ranked applicants and make the interview a deciding factor in selection.

1) Experience – 45%

The Malaria Advisor must have at least 10 years of progressively responsible experience in designing, implementing and managing malaria and other health programs in developing countries, with a preference given to candidates working in African countries. Demonstrated technical leadership, program management, strategic planning, policy experience and problem solving skills, working on complex projects in a highly sensitive environment are required. Professional experience in maternal and child health, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS is also highly desirable.

The Malaria Advisor will also have the following:
(a) Knowledge and skills in quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods; experience in designing and evaluating malaria activities in Africa. The Malaria Advisor must have proven skills in capacity building and mentoring local staff in a developing country (20 points).

(b) Skill in conceptualizing programs, policies, and plans and developing strategies for their management and implementation. The candidate must be able to integrate short and long-range objectives of the USAID Family Health Team and the PMI with the organizational needs of the government of Benin (15 points).

(c) Analytical ability to interpret public policies and assist in the development of revised policies as required improving the policy environment related to malaria in Benin. Management skills required to develop and implement effective malaria prevention and treatment program activities involving financial and human resources. Administrative skills are required to assist in the oversight of cooperating agency technical advisors and institutional contractors (10 points).

2) Education – 20%
Minimum of a Masters Degree in public health, international health, or social sciences from a recognized institution and/or clinical qualifications is required. Specialized training in malaria is required, mainly in areas including but not limited to vector control, entomology, clinical case management of malaria, and epidemic surveillance and forecasting.

3) Language, Communication, and Computer Skills - 20%
The Malaria Advisor must have the following (these sub-factors are of equal weight and importance):
( a) Excellent verbal communication skills (English and French at the 4/4 or equivalent level), tact and diplomacy are required to establish and develop sustainable working relationships at the highest level and a high level of trust with public/private organizations. Verbal communication skills are also used to negotiate activity plans and resolve activity implementation issues with counterparts, partners and team members. Ability to communicate technical information to health and non-health audiences is required. Excellent written communication skills are required to prepare regular and ad hoc reports, activity documentation and briefing papers.
(b) Excellent computer skills: An applicant will not be considered if s/he does not meet the minimum requirements:

Fully functional in Windows, MS Outlook, word processing, and spreadsheet software is required.

Full functionality in using the internet to solve problems and research information, such as USG and USAID regulatory guidance, best practices and latest trends relating to malaria and public health is required.

4) Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills – 15%
Excellent leadership, communications and interpersonal skills are critical to this position. The Malaria Advisor must have the following (these sub-factors are of equal weight and importance):
(a) Must be able to work effectively with a broad range of USG personnel and partners, and have demonstrated skills in donor coordination and collaboration. Ability to work both independently and in a team environment to achieve consensus on policy, program and administrative matters will be preferred.
(b) Ability to work effectively under pressure and in a team environment and communicate highly technical health information to both health and non-health audiences, and achieve consensus on policy, project, research, and administrative matters.

NOTICE TO APPLICANTS: USAID reserves the right to obtain from previous employers relevant information concerning the applicant’s past performance and may consider such information in its evaluation.


Applicants are encouraged to write a brief appendix to a resume, OF-612 or SF-171 to demonstrate how their previous experience and skills are suited for this position. Applicants must provide names and contact information for at least two references. The highest ranking applicants will be interviewed in person or by phone.

Application forms: Standard Form 171 can be obtained from and Optional Form 612 can be obtained from the USAID website or at federal offices.

Applicants should retain for their record copies of all enclosures that accompany their proposals. Please reference the number of this solicitation when sending your application. Submissions made via e-mail MUST be Word 2000 or PDF format. Electronic submissions will be accepted.

Note: Please mark submissions "PSC 680-08-0088". Late applications will not be accepted. Applicants are requested to provide their full mailing address and contact information (including fax, telephone and/or e-mail where available). No response will be sent to unsuccessful applicants.

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