Country manager - Sri Lanka
Fixed term contract for three years
Salary: £24,467- £27,641 net pa plus benefits
Based: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Internally displaced civilians. Desperate communities. Long-running civil war. Climate change. Fragile livelihoods. You don’t need to be an expert to see that Sri Lanka desperately needs help. But you do need to be an expert to make change happen. Manage our country programme for Sri Lanka in its entirety and make change happen with Christian Aid.

You don’t often get the chance to have an impact on this scale. Whether you’re dealing with the larger country context or individual staff members, you’ll manage every aspect of our work in Sri Lanka within a culture of accountability, clear purpose and unfaltering commitment. You’ll take the lead on a wide range of humanitarian and long-term development programmes including relief assistance and refugee protection, while acting as Christian Aid’s most visible representative for the country.

From shaping strategy and policy to more hands-on tasks like budget management and empowering Christian Aid staff, you will answer the call of communities right the way across Sri Lanka. What’s more, you will know that major change always comes as part of a team, so you’ll enlist the support of sister agencies and regional institutions to make sure every change we make is as permanent as it is perceptive.

With responsibility and pressure to succeed in equal measure, it’s essential you are the sort of person people listen to. A bachelor degree in social development or management studies would help, but it’s not all we want. You’ll need considerable experience in senior leadership, expertise in conflict resolution and knowledge of policy development, along with more general skills such as relationship building and cultural sensitivity. Add experience in emergency humanitarian contexts, plus a background working with an aid organisation in South Asia, and you’ll be absolutely invaluable, not just to Christian Aid, but to the people of Sri Lanka.

The successful candidate will be subject to the rules and regulations governing individuals working within Sri Lanka. Any offer will be subject to the candidate receiving the work permit for Sri Lanka. The contract will be terminable on notice at any time, and it is unlikely that the contract will exceed three years in length.

More than half the world lives in poverty. We aim to put a stop to that. So we campaign against the inequalities that keep people poor and we work with local organisations to give people strength to find their own solutions to the problems they face, irrespective of their religion. If you’re as determined as we are to end poverty and injustice across the world, work with us to make change happen.

At Christian Aid we are committed to ensuring diversity and equal representation within our organisation and strongly welcome applications from candidates from disadvantaged backgrounds and under-represented groups.

We value the input of everyone who works for us. You can expect a wide range of rewards including a generous holiday allowance and the flexibility that helps you enjoy a good work/life balance.

To apply for this post, please download an application form from our website: and email your completed form to:

Please note CVs will not be accepted.

Job reference: 1803/EC
Closing date for applications: 12 noon, Monday 16 March 2009
Interview date: tbc. There will be two rounds of interviews.

Chief of Party
Location: Liberia

Liberia Chief of Party

Position Summary:
Pact seeks a Chief of Party (COP) for a five year, USAID civil society and media strengthening project in Liberia. Recruitment is contingent upon successful award of the project. The COP will lead a team of technical and support persons to ensure excellence in design, management, quality and development of a national and local civil society strengthening and decentralization program. Please submit resume and cover letter (in English) explaining why you are best qualified for this position as soon as possible.

The Liberia Project will build the capacity of Liberian civil society to represent constituents and advocacy for better government service delivery, expand the reach and professional abilities of the media, and prepare new cadres of youth leaders to contribute to Liberia’s social, economic and political development. Interventions may include:

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

The Chief of Party must demonstrate dynamic leadership, flexibility, adaptability and the ability to collaborate under challenging conditions. In addition to strong academic credentials, the Chief of Party must possess ten years of experience as:
• Manager of a large and complex civic participation or related project in Africa;
• Capacity building specialist or capacity building project manager with experience in planning and managing capacity building programs for media and/or CSOs; experience assessing assets and gaps, determining appropriate interventions, and monitoring and evaluating effectiveness;
• Working directly with local and national CSOs, in both rural and urban settings;
• Previous experience in Liberia or a similar setting in Africa is highly desirable;
• English fluency, including excellent presentation and writing skills, is required;
• Demonstrated experience in managing grant programs for USAID in Africa or similar environment;

To apply please visit our website at and fill out an online application. No phone calls please. . Only finalist candidates will be contacted.

Technical Coordinator East Africa
The Common Code for the Coffee Community Association (4C)
Location: Kampala, Uganda

Terms of Reference
Technical Coordinator East Africa
4C Office East Africa


The Common Code for the Coffee Community Association (4C) is a global association that collectively engages producers, trade, industry and civil society responsible for the economic, social and environmental stewardship of the coffee sector to continuously increase the sustainability of coffee.

For the successful rolling out of its activities in different coffee regions, the Manager Decentralization and Support Services of the 4C Secretariat is currently setting up regional offices in major producing regions.

In this context, the 4C Association enlarges its team at its regional 4C Office East Africa and seeks a Technical Coordinator in order to ensure adequate support for 4C members, technical coordination and permanent visibility in the respective region.

The Technical Coordinator East Africa is mainly in charge of coordinating and conducting different Support Services (such as trainings, orientation and support for 4C members to prepare for verification and ensure continuous improvement, tool development, development of projects) in close cooperation with partner organizations and 4C members of the 4C Association in Eastern and Southern Africa. Additionally, the Technical Coordinator East Africa contributes to the further development of Support Services in the region and the monitoring of impacts, and provides input to technical aspects concerning the revision processes of 4C Code and indicators at international and regional level.

Within the Secretariat the position of the Technical Coordinator Africa is under the guidance of the Manager Decentralization and Support Services. He /she works in close collaboration with the Regional Coordinator Africa at 4C Office East Africa, as well as the Support Service and Relationship Coordinators and the Verification Manager at 4C Office Bonn.


• Support implementing and further building up the support services in Eastern and Southern Africa in close collaboration with 4C Office Bonn, especially regarding 4C trainings and technical support for 4C Units
• Arrange/ conduct trainings in close cooperation with partner organizations, Mastertrainers and 4C members
• Provide information, guidance and technical support regarding 4C application and preparation for verification to 4C Units in the region
• Maintain close communication with 4C Units
• Contribute to and technical backstopping during the establishment / maintenance of the 4C tool library
• Support establishment and maintenance of co-operations with donor organizations, research institutions and technical assistance providers in Africa in close cooperation with Office Bonn and Regional Coordinator East Africa
• Support 4C related project activities and tool development with technical advise
• Coordinate / provide technical advice for future 4C Working groups/ 4C forums in Eastern / Southern Africa and for the Technical Committee
• Expand 4C support platform (network) in Eastern /Southern Africa in close collaboration with Office Bonn and Regional Coordinator East Africa
• Provide input to success stories and lessons learnt from practical application
• Support organization of meetings, events and specialist conferences in Africa
• Closely cooperate with the 4C Secretariat in finalizing documents and forms which deal with issues on field level
• Contribute to preparation of reports on 4C activities in Africa

• Report to Manager Decentralization and Support Services of the 4C Association

• Based at 4C Office East Africa, Kampala, Uganda
• Regional Business travels, esp. to other coffee producing countries in Eastern /Southern Africa
• Intercontinental Business travels to attend strategic 4C team meetings and other important international events

• Two years, starting March 1st, 2009 or as early as possible

Time dedicated to fulfil tasks as Technical Coordinator East Africa:
• 5 working days/ week, average 40 hours

Kindly send your application to:

Director of Operations
International IDEA
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance — International IDEA is an intergovernmental organization that supports sustainable democracy worldwide. Its objective is to strengthen democratic institutions and processes. International IDEA acts as a catalyst for democracy building by providing knowledge resources, policy proposals and supporting democratic reforms in response to specific national requests. It works together with policy makers, governments, UN organizations and agencies and regional organizations engaged in the field of democracy building.

International IDEA’s notable areas of expertise are: electoral processes, political parties, constitution-building processes, democracy and gender and democracy assessments. International IDEA works worldwide. It is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and has offices in Brussels, New York, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Director of Operations

The main functions of the post are:

To lead and develop a team of diverse, dedicated and highly skilled professionals by developing and implementing clear and effective work and communication processes; foster effective collaboration between staff across different functions and localities and manage change in organizational and personal working methods, practices and behaviours;

To lead the development and implementation of International IDEA's democracy-building programmes globally in keeping with the mandate and mission of the organization. Manage the planning and implementation of the annual work plan and budget on the basis of results-based management practices;

To develop and sustain operational partnerships with other key actors in the democracy-building field, and contribute to strong relations with member states and donors;

To form part of the Senior Management Team and to contribute to and take responsibility for institution-wide matters.


Our Director of Operations is taking up new responsibilities and we are looking for his successor. We are seeking a person who thrives on managing complexity, bringing the best out of highly skilled people and driving effective collaborative processes to successful delivery. Committed to the principles and practices of democracy, the Director will lead a diverse and dedicated team of staff members worldwide in delivering International IDEA's mission to support sustainable democratic change through providing comparative knowledge and assisting in reform and influencing policies and politics.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Under the immediate supervision of the Secretary-General, the Director of Operations performs the following duties:

Strategically manages all Operational staff at Headquarters and in the regional offices, in achieving expected results defined in the Programme of Operations/Work Plan and Budget;

Manages the integration of operational programming throughout the organization and ensures effective operational communication and procedures;

Leads and promotes effective communication of operational service provision to external and internal stakeholders;

Manages the development of the 3-year Programme of Operations and the Annual Work Plan and Budget;

Manages the introduction of results based management throughout International IDEA's Operations;

Develops, in conjunction with the Director of Finance and Administration, a fully project based model for all operational programming;

Develops proposals for fundraising and coordinates fundraising efforts with the Director for External Relations and Governance Support and the Director of Finance and Administration;

Actively integrates the inclusion of a gender perspective in all aspects of the work by adhering to Institute policies and practices and maintaining a sensitivity to gender issues at all times; and

Performs such other tasks as are requested by the Secretary-General.

Basic Qualification Requirements:

Level and Type of Formal Education:

University degree in political science, law, economics, international relations or a related subject.

Professional Experience:

Minimum 15 years of varied professional experience related to Operations Management preferably in various organisations such as governmental, non-governmental, national, transnational etc;

Proven record of strong managerial skills - minimum 10 years, including motivating, leading and developing teams and problem solving;

Proven experience of project cycle management - minimum 7 years, including planning and implementation of work plans and budgets;

Excellent diplomatic and networking skills and a deep understanding of political processes.

Functional Competencies:

Deep understanding of political processes, general theory and practice of democracy. Specialised knowledge very desirable in at least one of the following: political institutions, electoral processes, conflict management, political participation, democracy assessment and gender issues;

Knowledge of development co-operation and key challenges in the area of democracy assistance; good understanding of various bilateral and multilateral donor policies and programming procedures;

Maintains and develops relevant professional contacts and networks of cooperation with those active in the field of political reform and democracy assistance, including regional organisations, democracy building practitioners, policy makers, academics and the international community;
Excellent communication skills in written and spoken English, including the ability to write concise, straight forward and jargon free material;

Excellent public speaking and presentation skills, including the ability to present complex political/technical issues to non expert audiences;

Excellent drafting and editing skills;

Excellent analytical and problem solving skills;

Excellent planning and organizational skills;

Flexible, ability to work independently and to deliver against tight deadlines;

Fundraising ability, highly desireable.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

Motivating and leading teams;

Hiring people with the skills and talent required for success;

Effectively managing teams to deliver under pressure;

To budget and control expenditure for all costs and income related to the work of the Operations Unit. Legal and budgetary responsibilities will be guided by IDEA's regulations and procedures as specified in the Administrative and Financial Regulations.

Impact of Work:

Vital, since the output of the Operations Unit contributes to the success of International IDEA.

Difficulty of Work:

High degree of strategic, social and political complexity. The Director's management of this complexity is vital for International IDEA's success.

Language Skills:

English: Excellent knowledge both written and orally;
Arabic, French or Spanish: would be an asset.

Computer Skills:

Excellent knowledge of relevant project management software,
Office and Internet.

Criteria for Professional Performance:

The incumbent of this post is expected to act according to a set of principles when carrying out her/his responsibilities both at Headquarters and in the field and, as appropriate to their role, display the following characteristics:

Be a Visionary
Be a Facilitator of Change
Get Results/ Be Accountable and Proactive
Lead By Example
Be a Decision Maker
Be a Model of Integrity
Celebrate Diversity
Be a Team Worker/Builder
Strive for Success and Excellence
Plan and Organise
Applications can be made via

Deadline for Applications

Applications should be submitted no later than the 22nd March 2009.

International IDEA is an equal opportunity employer which seeks to further diversify its staff in terms of gender, culture and nationality.

Chief of Party
Location: Liberia

Liberia Positions

Liberia Chief of Party

Position Summary:
Pact seeks a Chief of Party (COP) for a five year, USAID civil society and media strengthening project in Liberia. Recruitment is contingent upon successful award of the project. The COP will lead a team of technical and support persons to ensure excellence in design, management, quality and development of a national and local civil society strengthening and decentralization program. Please submit resume and cover letter (in English) explaining why you are best qualified for this position as soon as possible.

To apply please visit our website at and fill out an online application. No phone calls please. . Only finalist candidates will be contacted.

The Liberia Project will build the capacity of Liberian civil society to represent constituents and advocacy for better government service delivery, expand the reach and professional abilities of the media, and prepare new cadres of youth leaders to contribute to Liberia’s social, economic and political development. Interventions may include:

Specific Duties and Responsibilities
The Chief of Party must demonstrate dynamic leadership, flexibility, adaptability and the ability to collaborate under challenging conditions. In addition to strong academic credentials, the Chief of Party must possess ten years of experience as:
• Manager of a large and complex civic participation or related project in Africa;
• Capacity building specialist or capacity building project manager with experience in planning and managing capacity building programs for media and/or CSOs; experience assessing assets and gaps, determining appropriate interventions, and monitoring and evaluating effectiveness;
• Working directly with local and national CSOs, in both rural and urban settings;
• Previous experience in Liberia or a similar setting in Africa is highly desirable;
• English fluency, including excellent presentation and writing skills, is required;
• Demonstrated experience in managing grant programs for USAID in Africa or similar environment;

Program Officer for HIV/AIDS
IMA World Health
Location: New Windsor, MD, USA

Program Officer for HIV/AIDS

IMA World Health, a non-profit organization providing healthcare service and supplies through direct provision and by building and strengthening health care systems in developing regions of the world, seeks a professional with knowledge and experience in organizing and coordinating the technical, administrative, logistical and managerial support for project implementation and program development.

The responsibilities include monitoring the progress of current projects, providing assistance with future development, identifying opportunities, participating with preparation and management of budgets, and preparing proposals and assessments. The Program Officer works as part of the Program team to meet field needs for program development and technical support. Requirements include: Master’s Level degree in health or related field; MPH preferred; minimum three years proven experience working in international public health. International travel required (25% of time). FT position with excellent benefits. EOE. Ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the 20 most efficient large charities in the U.S.

Send resume and salary requirements before March 1 by email to; or by mail to: AVPHR; IMA World Health; PO Box 429; New Windsor MD 21776; or by Fax 410-635-8726.

Financial Manager
Management Systems International
Location: Juba, Sudan

Financial Manager, Juba, Sudan

Company Profile: Management Systems International (MSI) is a global international development firm based in Washington, D.C. providing specialized short- and long-term technical assistance. Today, it has over 100 projects under management worldwide and its technical expertise has been expanded to include implementation of a range of analytical and field projects in democracy and governance, economic growth, organizational capacity building, education, and natural resource management. At the beginning of 2008, MSI joined Coffey International, Ltd., a global multi-disciplinary professional services organization with offices in 20 countries around the world. MSI became a part of Coffey International Development (Coffey ID), one of seven divisions which comprise the Coffey Group. Together, we aspire to create extraordinary outcomes for our clients, our staff and the communities in which we work. For more information on MSI, please visit our website at

Position Summary:

MSI is looking for a Financial Manager for a USAID/Sudan Support project. This person will be reporting to the Chief of Party. This is a long term field based position.


§ Analyze complex financial data, extract and define relevant information; interpret data for the purpose of determining past financial performance and/or to project a financial probability

§ Review of and accounting for procurement transactions to ensure adequate supporting documentation, accuracy of amounts and control over payments;

§ Processing of bank and cash transactions including the reconciliations;

§ Ensuring internal control procedures are followed for all cash disbursements;

§ Work closely with home office finance staff to ensure proper financial procedures are put in place and followed and that monthly financial transactions including reporting occurs in a timely manner,

§ Ensure proper adherence to USAID rules and regulations (AIDAR & FAR);

§ Supervision of the finance local staff;

§ Oversight of the liquidation of all field staff travel advances;

§ Work closely with the Controller and the remaining core management team to ensure over all proper project administration;

§ Prepare monthly field budget projections using Microsoft Excel


§ Experience working on large–scale international development programs in a financial management position;

§ Experience with USAID and thorough knowledge of USG rules and regulations;

§ Masters degree in accounting, business, or related field and eight years of work experience; or Bachelor’s Degree and equivalent experience;

§ Strong organizational skills and attention to detail;

§ Experience working, and living in fragile states or post-conflict environments desirable;

§ Strong proficiency with Microsoft Office and specifically Excel.

§ Willingness, and availability to live, and work in Sudan, and deploy immediately.

Only candidates who have been selected for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls, please.

To apply, please visit our website:

Human Resource Director
World Vision DRC
Location: Democratic Republic of Congo


World Vision is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. World Vision DRC currently has an opening for Human Resource Director. Please note, this is for DRC national applicants only.

If you are interested and qualified, please send your application to by the closing date of March 6, 2009. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.


Provide Leadership in developing and implementing HR strategies, systems, policies and procedures to support the WV DR Congo ministry.

Human Resource Management/Strategic Partnership
· Develop and monitor the implementation of WV DR Congo HR Strategy
· Serve as strategic partner to management by integrating HR strategies into organization’s overall mission and operational strategy.
· Provide coaching and training of all managers in all aspect of the human resources function including performance management, recruitment and selection, staffing, employee relations, staff development and team building
· Develop and / or review HRM “Best Practices” periodically.
· Manage and approve employment contracts.
· Conduct and participate in salary surveys to ensure competitive compensation and benefit plans.
· Develop, review, and communicate competitive compensation and benefit plans.
· Develop, communicate, and implement performance evaluation tools, methods and formats.
· Develop and update HR policies and procedures, ensure that their compliance with labor legislation
· Develop internal communication strategies and processes to keep projects, programs, and/or departments informed on critical issues, policies and procedures.

· Assist in the development of staffing plans with key staff.
· Interview and assist in selection of candidates for key positions.
· Manage and provided direction to staff recruitment efforts.
· Develop and maintain vast and varied professional relationships to expand recruitment networks.

Representation and Networking
· Represent organization and create public awareness of World Vision at various functions: conferences, seminars, job fairs, social settings, sector and industry meetings, etc.
· Develop consortiums and linkages with “like organizations” to share access to qualified candidate pools, to keep in tune with changing HR environment, responsibilities, and best practices.

Change Management
· Serve as Change Agent by proposing innovative initiative changes; improved policies and procedures, process changes; methods and ways work gets done and cultural changes; necessary world view changes and paradigm shifts needed for the organization to adjust and grow with changing workforce and cultural conditions.

Organizational and Human Resource Development (OHRD)
· Develop Human Resource Development strategies with and provide follow up to management.
· Develop organizational development strategies with key staff.
· Ensure that succession Planning for key staff are developed and implemented
· Ensure that training and development programs for employees are developed and implemented.
· Oversee staff capacity building and development.
· Implement and oversee new staff orientation.

Employee Champion Services
· Oversee staff support program, employee relations, and grievance management.

Staff Retention
· Monitor assignment endings and availability of existing staff for upcoming projects.
Financial Management
· Manage department budget and ensure expenditures and within budget and in compliance with established financial standards.

HR Compliance Administration

· Ensure that applicant tracking; employment practices, compensation, benefits, and human resources programs comply with World Vision policies and local labor laws.
· Negotiate, process, review and monitor employment contracts.
· Maintain compensation and benefit staff records.
· Oversee performance appraisals.
· Maintain an up-to-date HR Policy and Procedure manual and Employee Handbook.
· Maintain an up-to-date organization chart.

Strongly Preferred
· University degree in HR management or related field.

• 5 years human resource management experience.
• Field experience in developing country.
Critical Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
· Strong organizational and management skills.
· Strong problem solving, interpersonal and negotiation skills.
· Good English communication skills (oral and written).
· Thorough knowledge of MS Office and Lotus Notes.
· Knowledge of local employment and HR laws and legal requirements.
· Good understanding of World Vision, People in Aid, and Sphere relief standards.
· Knowledge of and adherence to the Red Cross and NGO Code of Conduct.
· Cross-cultural sensitivity, flexible worldview, emotional maturity and physical stamina.
· Ability to work in and contribute to team building environment.
· Ability to maintain performance expectations in diverse cultural contexts, psycho-logically stressful environments and physical hardship conditions with limited resources.
· Commitment to World Vision Core Values and Mission Statement
· Ability to exhibit exemplary lifestyle as interpreted in specific local cultural context.
· Agreement with World Vision’s Christian ethos and participation in devotions.

• MBA or Master’s degree in related field.
• Working knowledge of the local language.
Core capabilities

Achieving Capabilities
x Achieving quality results and service
Practicing accountability and integrity
Communicating information Effectively

Thinking Capabilities
Thinking clearly, deeply and broadly
x Understanding the Humanitarian Industry
Understanding World Vision’s mission & Operations
Practicing innovation & change

Self Managing Capabilities
x Demonstrating Christ-Centered life & work
Learning for growth and development
Maintaining work/life balanced and effectiveness

Relational Capabilities
x Building collaborative relationships
Practicing gender & cultural diversity
Influencing individuals and groups


TITLE: Senior Medical Associate
PROGRAM: Fistula Care
REPORTS TO: Clinical Director

EngenderHealth works to improve the health and well-being of people in the poorest communities of the world. We do this by sharing our expertise in sexual and reproductive health and transforming the quality of health care. We promote gender equity, advocate for sound practices and policies, and inspire people to assert their rights to better, healthier lives. Working in partnership with local organizations, we adapt our work in response to local needs.

The Fistula Care Project is a USAID-funded cooperative agreement managed by EngenderHealth. Its objectives are to increase access to fistula prevention, repair and rehabilitation services.

The Senior Medical Associate works with the Fistula Care Project team and country program directors and staff to set strategic directions, develop, implement and evaluate fistula programs at the country level. This position will take the lead on the development and implementation of prevention and reintegration strategies, under the guidance of the Clinical Director and in consultation with the core team, country program staff, and counterparts. In addition, the staff member in this position will design, implement and evaluate global activities relating to quality improvement. Other activities relating to safe motherhood programs may be assigned as required.

1. In consultation with the Clinical Director, provide guidance on the development of strategies, implementation and evaluation of prevention and reintegration activities for fistula programs.
2. Provide programming and technical assistance to country programs in program design including site assessments, implementation and monitoring and evaluation.
3. Guide and monitor project performance related to prevention, reintegration activities, and quality improvement.
4. Provide programmatic and training support to the fistula care community component for prevention and reintegration.
5. Design and conduct training programs in collaboration with country staff on fistula prevention and reintegration, and quality improvement.
6. Assist in the design and implementation of operations research activities on prevention and reintegration in collaboration with the Fistula Care M, E, & R Director.
7. Serve as a liaison with partnering institutions and collaborators related to the project’s activities.
8. Represent the project at meetings and professional conferences
9. Other duties as assigned

• Certified Nurse/midwife or Physician
• Graduate degree in public health or related field or equivalent experience
• Ten years experience in sexual and reproductive health or related areas working in Africa or providing technical assistance to African institutions.
• Work experience in safe motherhood programs preferred
• Design, implementation, and follow-up of training activities
• French language skills highly desired

• Ability to work in teams, manage multiple tasks, set priorities and meet deadlines
• Strong interpersonal communication skills
• Exceptional organizational skills
• Demonstrated ability to work cross culturally
• Demonstrated ability to plan, design,facilitate, and evaluate training, including curriculum development or instructional design on areas such as FP/RH counseling, infection prevention and quality improvement
• Excellent oral communication and writing skills in English and preferably in French, as well as presentation skills
• Demonstrated ability to exercise independent judgment and initiative
• Demonstrated ability to collaborate and liaise with representatives of various levels of government and civil society
• Demonstrated ability to monitor expenditures and work with budgets
• Computer literate, with knowledge of Windows applications
• Willingness to travel/work in the resource-constrained settings 25% of the time
• Sense of humor.

To apply for this position, please send cover letter and resume with salary requirements to and add “Sr. Medical Associate, Fistula” to the subject line.

EngenderHealth is organized in teams, with each team managed by a program manager. As a result, additional duties may be assigned to this position; responsibilities changed or deleted based on team assignments and re-structuring; and direct supervisor is subject to change. Decisions regarding applications for this position and employment at EngenderHealth should be based on this information.

Program Officer
(Budapest based)


The Open Society Mental Health Initiative (MHI) is a part of the Public Health Program of the Open Society Institute (OSI), based in Budapest. OSI is a private operating and grant making foundation which aims to shape public policy, to promote democratic governance, human rights, and economic, legal, and social reform. On a local level, OSI implements a range of initiatives to support the rule of law, education, public health, and independent media. At the same time, OSI works to build alliances across borders and continents on issues such as combating corruption and rights abuses.

MHI seeks to ensure that people with mental disabilities (mental health problems and/or intellectual disabilities) are able to live as equal citizens in the community and to participate in society with full respect for their human rights. MHI promotes the social inclusion of people with mental disabilities by supporting the development of community-based alternatives to institutionalization and by actively engaging in policy based advocacy. MHI is both a grant making and an operational program, providing training and technical assistance to its partner organizations. MHI operates in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

The Program Officer is involved with program development and implementation and reports to the Program Director. This post is based in Budapest, Hungary.


The following list of responsibilities is not exhaustive and the post holder may be asked to undertake other duties from time to time as requested by the Program Director.

• Works with the Program Director and the other Program Staff on the development and implementation of MHI’s country strategies, including monitoring and evaluation of programs;
• Manages part of MHI’s grant making activities in designated countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Maintains active correspondence with local partners and grantees, reviews grant applications and conducts on-site interviews and monitoring visits throughout MHI’s target region;
• Represents MHI at meetings within the OSI/Soros Foundations network and outside at conferences and other relevant meetings and events;
• Coordinates and/or oversees the development of training events and exchange visits in response to the needs of MHI’s grantees and partners;
• Liaises with OSI programs, National Soros Foundations and other partners and donors with missions congruent to that of MHI;
• Participates and coordinates on-site monitoring and technical assistance visits in collaboration with MHI staff and consultants, including preparation of written reports;
• Assists National Soros Foundations in strategy development, implementation and evaluation, as applicable.
• Develops and coordinates training of MHI partners and other relevant key constituencies crucial to the creation of sustainable mental disability efforts, including but not limited to: donors, medical and public health professionals, public officials and policy makers, lawyers, and National Soros Foundation staff.
• Coordinates MHI’s effort to ensure the sustainability of partner NGOs throughout the region, including assisting in the development of advocacy strategies at the national, European and international levels;
• Develops and oversees calls for proposals and/or grant competitions throughout CEE and the FSU in collaboration with National Soros Foundation and/or other partners.
• Initiates grant contracts and liaises with the Office and Finance Coordinator to complete them.
• Administers all personal financial transactions including cash advances, reimbursements for business expenses and corporate Visa payments.



• Minimum of 3 years relevant work experience in program development and management.
• Graduate degree in law, social work or other relevant field.
• Native or near native skills in oral and written English, Russian and/or other regional languages a plus.
• Excellent analytical and organizational skills.
• Ability to work as a team member and independently, with high level of self-motivation.
• Ability to effectively manage several projects simultaneously in a fast-paced working environment.
• Ability to listen and communicate clearly and effectively with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.
• Willingness to travel internationally on a frequent basis.
• Demonstrated interest in mental health, human rights and disability issues.
• Excellent computer skills

Preferred Qualifications:

• Knowledge of Central Eastern Europe/former Soviet Union
• Experience in the human rights/mental disability field

START DATE: Immediate opening

TO APPLY: Send curriculum vitae, cover letter, salary requirements, three reference contacts and a maximum 2 page writing sample in English about the relevance of the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities to MHI’s work in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union by March 20, 2009 to . In the subject line please indicate Program Officer – MHI.

Further information on the Open Society Mental Health Initiative is available at

OSI is an Equal Opportunity Employer which supports diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation.

Program Officer
Open Society Mental Health Initiative, OSI
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Last Date: March 20, 2009

International Finance Manager, Africa Marie Stopes International (MSI)
Location: London or Africa

International Finance Manager, Africa Ref: M09/0032

Marie Stopes International (MSI) is one of the largest international family planning organisations in the world. We are a marketing focused, results oriented social enterprise that develops efficient, effective and sustainable family planning programmes in the UK and 43 countries around the world. Every year MSI provides over five million people with high quality health services.

The International Finance Manager, Africa will be responsible for building and improving the financial capacity of Partner Programmes by providing extensive training, coaching and other capacity building methods.

We are looking for someone who is qualified / part qualified in CIMA, ACCA or AAT with business experience either in a commercial or not-for-profit environment. You will have experience with Project Analysis and Reporting, preferably with restricted fund experience. You will also have experience in multi currency reporting and accounting.

Please note for this role you will be required to travel up to 60-70% of your time.

Based in London or Africa, with extensive travel, we are offering you the opportunity to take your career to the next level, whilst putting your skills to use assisting us to achieve our Mission of ‘Children by Choice, not Chance’. You must be pro choice on abortion.

To apply, please review the job framework at then either apply online via application or CV and covering letter

Closing Date: 4th March 2009

Senior Logistics Coordinator, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)

Senior Logistics Coordinator
WCS is seeking applicants for the position of Senior Logistics Coordinator for the Boma-Jonglei Landscape program.

Key Responsibilities
This is a full-time position responsible for procurement, logistical support to field operations and programs, and oversight of contractors and construction projects. Duties include working with and oversight of WCS logistics personnel, overseeing contracting and implementation of field construction projects, assuring procurement, shipping, country clearances, proper tracking of inventories and assets, and regular maintenance of program materials according to WCS and donor requirements. The position will be based in Juba with frequent travel to Boma and/or other sites in the landscape. Occasional travel to Kenya, Uganda, and the USA may be required for procurement needs. The Senior Logistics Coordinator reports to the WCS Southern Sudan Program Manager.


The desired qualifications for this position are extensive professional experience with logistical systems, procurement, contracting construction in Africa and/or other remote regions and post-conflict areas and proven ability to work with national and local organizations. A strong interest in wildlife conservation, natural resource management, or related fields is an advantage. Proven ability to work well in a team in multi-cultural situations and under difficult field conditions is essential. Fluency in written and spoken English required and familiarity with languages and culture of Southern Sudan will be an advantage.

Interested candidates who meet the above qualifications, should apply by sending an application letter and CV together with the names and contact information of three referees, with the subject Coor-Boma-Jonglei to the below address not later than March 30th 2009.

Sarah Elkan, (file size should be limited to under 500kb) with a copy to

Only short listed candidates will be contacted for interviews.

For more information about Wildlife Conservation Society and its Southern Sudan Program visit our website at:


Job title: Marketing Officer

Location: Wageningen, the Netherlands

Employment: Full-time, international position for an indefinite period

Area: Agricultural science and development

Education: University degree in marketing, communication, economics/business or related discipline plus further professional training in strategic marketing or similar
Experience: Marketing of publications or similar products and services with at least 5 years managing a marketing programme at strategic and operational levels

CTA is an ACP-EU organisation established under the Lomé Convention, now succeeded by the Cotonou Agreement, between the EU and the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) states. CTA’s tasks are to develop and provide services that improve access to information for agricultural and rural development, and to strengthen the capacity of ACP countries to produce, acquire, exchange and utilise information in these areas.

As part of CTA’s endeavour to improving its efficiency the Strategic Plan 2007 – 2010 (SP) aims at increasing outreach by a more equitable and commercial approach including market analysis of demand and existing offer, distribution and targeting modalities as well as pricing policy. CTA wants to move from a purely non-profit (and academic) to a more commercially dynamic approach. Since 2007, CTA has been actively working on integrating marketing as a strategic tool to determine both the development and implementation of its various activities, aimed at improving access to information on agriculture in order to improve rural livelihoods in ACP countries

Reporting directly to the Head of the Information Products and Dissemination Department (IPDD), under guidance from the Director, CTA for centre-wide marketing aspects and working closely with colleagues from IPDD and other departments the incumbent will:

(i) Refine and implement CTA’s publications marketing strategy 2009-2013 (with particular emphasis on printed and online information products and CTA’s range of corporate services) aiming at increasing the awareness of and demand for CTA’s information products and services and expanding CTA’s outreach;
(ii) Provide strategic marketing direction to ensure systematic availability of CTA’s products and services in all ACP countries;
(iii) In collaboration with the Distribution and Monitoring Units, assess the performance of CTA’s information products and services and their suitability for target beneficiaries and partners in both ACP and EU countries and focus CTA’s product line accordingly;
(iv) Develop effective and innovative market and needs analysis tools to determine and justify a relevant targeting approach;
(v) Directly manage the work of CTA’s Marketing Unit involving production of marketing materials in print and electronic format including for the CTA corporate website and CTA’s flagship publication Spore;
(vi) Work closely with the Distribution Unit on the improvement/innovation of (printed) publications delivery mechanisms;
(vii) Advise CTA management on effective and innovative ways to reinforce CTA’s network of partners through promotion of its corporate identity;
(viii) Develop synergies to promote and disseminate CTA products and expand outreach.

(i) A university degree in marketing, communication, economics/business or its equivalent in a combination of education, certified training and experience. Further professional training in strategic management, would be an asset;
(ii) Relevant professional experience in the marketing of publications or similar products and services including at least 5 years managing a marketing programme at strategic and operational levels;
(iii) Proven skills and experience in direct marketing and e-marketing techniques;
(iv) Proficient in word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software and good knowledge of Web 2.0 applications for marketing;
(v) Fluent in English or French and ability to work in the other language; knowledge of the Portuguese language is an asset;
(vi) Good organisational, inter-personal and communication skills in a multi-cultural working environment; international experience is an asset;
(vii) National of either a European Union member state or of one of the African, Caribbean or Pacific (ACP) states, signatories of the Cotonou Agreement.

Employment package
A range of benefits, including private pension and health insurance scheme will support an attractive, largely tax-exempt salary.

Qualifying candidates are invited to forward latest on March 20th, 2009:

(i) One-page motivational letter explaining why he/she qualifies for this position;
(ii) Curriculum Vitae;
(iii) Scanned copies of relevant diploma’s and certificates;
(iv) Full contact details of three referees.

Please quote the source of the advertisement.

Please note that only candidates under serious consideration will receive written notice of the selection process.

Food Security and Livelihood Coordinator , Kenya

Job Information

Country: Kenya
Job Type: Employment
Job Location: Field
Directing HQ: Action Against Hunger - USA
Job Duration: 12mths
Language(s): English
Minimum Experience: Humanitarian
Expiry Date: Feb 28 '09

Job Objectives:
General objectives:

* To ensure implementation of food security and livelihoods activities according to ACF and donor standards and guidelines
* To ensure internal and external coordination
* To strengthen FSL/Nut context analysis in areas of intervention

Objectives and Activities:

* To support the FSL team to implement FSL activities
* To facilitate program implementation with regular and proactive exchanges with the FSL PMs & visits to FSL programmes
* To ensure high technical quality of FSL programme activities
* To facilitate the development and implementation of M&E tools and mechanisms
* To facilitate the preparation of proposals, procurement planning, activities planning, expenditures forecast, etc.
* To facilitate reporting and documentation of program activities to ACF and donors standards
* To ensure internal coordination for integrated programming
* To support the FSL PMs to coordinate with the Nut and Wash teams
* To facilitate integrated program definition, planning and implementation together with Nutrition and Wash coordinators
* To provide a permanent link on capital level to ensure coordination and integration in discussions and initiatives
* To facilitate integrated context analysis for ACF areas of intervention
* To facilitate the establishment of ongoing integrated context analysis, together with Nut, Wash, FSL team
* To review historic, internal and external information for the ACF areas of intervention
* To support the analysis and understanding of the underlying causes of malnutrition, together with Nut, Wash, Fsl team
* To ensure continuous nutrition beneficiary profiling analysis together with Nut and Fsl team
* To ensure documentation of the facilitated analysis
* To support development and implementation of integrated Nut/ Fsl surveillance system
* To consolidate and contribute to analysis and monthly surveillance reports, together with the surveillance officer
* To use the ACF analysis for external representation and positioning of ACF, and contribution to external forums and FSL groups.
* To ensure external coordination and representation with other FSL stakeholders
* To actively participate in national FSL coordination meetings with KFSSSG, MoA, NGOs, etc.
* To actively participate in the IPC Kenya working group
* To create links with various FSL partners working in the same geographical area of intervention
* To contribute to representation and technical discussion needed for donors
* To facilitate advocacy to donors and other stakeholders in an informed and concise manner, as validated by HOM and HQ
* To actively participate in the national/regional working group, e.g. market prices


* Min. master’s degree in agriculture, socio-economics, or related studies.
* At least 5 years of experience in humanitarian FSL work
* Excellent writing and analytical skills.
* Good management and representation competencies.
* Experience with agro-pastoral and livelihoods programming.
* Experience with programming in drought prone areas and disaster risk reduction activities
* Experience in developing world context.
* Familiarity with ACF and acceptance of ACF’s principles.
* Familiarity with donors and donor procedures helpful.
* Kiswahili, Arabic, Somali are helpful but not essential.

Apply at:

Regional Technical Support Manager African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF)

Regional Technical Support Manager


The Regional Technical Support Manager is a senior technical expert who ensures the efficient and effective implementation of the TSF’s short term technical assistance portfolio and is responsible for monitoring the performance of technical support delivery at a level of at least 50 technical projects per year. The key function of this position is to manage and strengthen quality assurance protocols and processes of the TSF, ensuring that all assignments are guided by international best practice and that all TSF deliverables, inclusive of consultant reports, are of the highest possible technical standard. The RTSM ensures that TSF consultants apply appropriate methodologies and internationally agreed frameworks during assignment delivery and also reviews outputs for technical proficiency and TORs compliance. As such the incumbent has an in-depth understanding of GFATM grant implementation bottlenecks and challenges at the country level as well as very high level competencies in the latest methodologies and tools used in HIV/AIDS programming across a broad range of technical areas, specifically: development of national HIV/AIDS strategic and operational plans; development of national HIV/AIDS monitoring frameworks; strengthening of national health systems; development of country level GFATM proposals; strengthening of GFATM CCMs, PRs and SRs. S/he will drive the roll-out of a new computerised dashboard system for monitoring STTA performance and is fully accountable for achieving two of TSF’s main performance targets 1) 90% of TSF assignments meeting quality assured standards and 2) a doubling of the TSF’s technical assistance delivery.

In addition to QA functions, the Regional TSM plays a central role in building the TSF’s existing client base and project portfolio. The position shares responsibility with the Regional Business Manager for tracking business opportunities and developing the technical components of complex competitive tenders for a range of HIV/AIDS related technical areas. The position will liaise extensively with National Aids Coordinating Authorities across the region and monitor technical assistance requirements through the design and implementation of a framework for identifying country level needs, updated on a quarterly basis. The postholder supervises two fulltime technical support officers, manages a four-person Technical Support Group and oversights a minimum of 60 short term consultants on an annual basis. A key function of the position is managing the implementation of appropriate data collection and monitoring systems for the technical assistance program as a whole, with an emphasis on ensuring data accuracy and integrity from the assignment level to the reporting stage.

Responsibility 1: Design, Implement and Maintain a Framework for Identification of Country Level STTA Needs

* Conduct an in-depth desk review of existing and new GFATM programs in region
* Identify TA needs throughout the life cycle of these grant programs
* Complete a mapping exercise of major activities that occur both annually and cyclically as part of national responses across the region, such as JAPRs
* Based on research conducted, design a framework for mapping of TA requirements so as to inform strategic direction setting in TA provision by the TSF
* Regularly update framework as new priorities and needs emerge at country level

Responsibility 2: Strengthen and ensure adherence to TSF QA protocols and processes

* Review, strengthen and manage the TSF’s internal QA monitoring system for technical support in line with UNAIDS M&E guidelines
* Support the roll-out and institutionalisation of new IT-based QA tools related to TA Management
* Ensure adherence by technical support officers to the TSF QA system from receipt of TORs to management and close out of assignments
* Ensure consistency in application of TSF procedures for quality assurance
* Undertake QA of consultant deliverables at a level of reviewing up to 50 consultant reports per annum
* Where external review is required, allocate QA of deliverables to members of the TSF Technical Support Group as relevant to TSG skills areas
* Prepare TORs and manage contracts of TSG members and other external short-term QA consultants
* Where alternate external QA is required, identify consultant and prepare contract and TORs
* Undertake final review of products received following external QA to ensure deliverables match client requirements and achieve highest possible standards
* Maintain the TSF’s TA statistics for incoming requests, assignments and assignment closure
* Liaise with Business Manager to ensure all data is accurately maintained and entered into database
* Ensure accurate donor monitoring spreadsheets are kept on all TSF assignments and that information is complete

Responsibility 3: Manage Preparation of Technical Components of Competitive Proposals and Tenders

* On a continuous basis identify potential tendering opportunities for the TSF through newspaper and web based research
* In collaboration with the RBM, assume a lead role in the development of technical components of proposals using appropriately skilled consultants/consultant teams where required
* Where a client requests methodology statements from proposed consultants, quality assure consultant technical submissions prior to submitting to clients

Responsibility 4: Manage TSF Technical Assistance Identification and Delivery Processes

* Serve as focal point for all technical support requests
* Receive and undertake technical review of TORs received by prospective clients; strengthen TORs in consultation with clients
* Verify and assure Scopes of Work and allocate assignments to Technical Support Officers
* Ensure appropriate match between TORs received and consultants selected; hold bi-weekly meetings to categorise incoming requests (low to high risk) and determine consultant selection with TSOs prior to submission to clients
* Ensure TSOs prepare skills summaries of consultant shortlists sent to clients
* Review work plans and budgets negotiated by TSOs prior to submission to clients
* Manage contracting processes with both consultants and clients; assure service agreements containing negotiated performance outputs are clear; review and certify final copies of consultant contracts prepared by TSOs prior to consultant signature
* Ensure TSOs work smoothly with AA to ensure assignment logistical requirements are in place
* Support TSOs in managing and monitoring implementation of assignments, providing any backstopping as required
* Ensure assignment budgets are monitored and managed effectively on an ongoing basis with regular and timely reports made to the PM
* Initiate appropriate corrective action where consultants are non-performing or in instances of clients non-acceptance of deliverables
* Work with Business Manager to ensure feed-back is secured from clients about the consultancy process and deliverables
* Initiate client and consultant invoicing as per contracts upon acceptance of deliverables by clients, ensuring invoices include consultant fees and any other project expenditure
* Certify progress and results prior to payment by the TSF to consultants
* Collaborate with Senior Capacity Development Manager and support and monitor capacity building assignments implemented under the TSF’s STTA line

Responsibility 5: Manage the UNAIDS Technical Assistance Fund

* Oversight all TAF related systems ensuring procedures are observed at all stages of TAF related technical assistance delivery
* Support TSOs to respond to incoming queries on the UNAIDS TAF
* Verify requests and allocate assignments to Technical Support Officers
* Ensure draft application forms received from the country partners are registered in the TSF database and are sent to the relevant RST & UCO focal points;
* Hold bi-weekly meetings to categorise incoming requests (low to high risk) and determine consultant selection with TSOs prior to submission to clients
* Receive revised applications from TSOs and conduct final review step; approve forwarding of final applications to the respective UNAIDS Country Coordinator (UCC) along with a checklist and comments
* Notify TSOs on approval of assignments
* Ensure TSOs issue Letter of Agreement (LoA) to TAF clients, and forward signed copy to RST
* Once assignments are initiated ensure adherence to standard TA protocols
* Ensure TSOs work smoothly with AA to ensure assignment logistical requirements are in place
* Support TSOs in managing and monitoring implementation of assignments, providing any backstopping as required
* Ensure assignment budgets are monitored and managed effectively on an ongoing basis with regular and timely reports made to the PM
* Review all TAF deliverables prior to submission of final drafts to clients
* Initiate appropriate corrective action where consultants are non-performing or in instances of clients non-acceptance of deliverables
* Collaborate with Business manager to ensure feed-back is secured from clients about the consultancy process and deliverables

Responsibility 6: Manage & Mentor TA Staff

* Review HR needs for STTA delivery and make recommendations as needed for enhanced team skills
* Prepare TORs and manage contracting of external short-term consultants as needed
* Develop and/or revise TA team members’ JDs as required
* Participate in interview panels for new TA staff as required
* Supervise and mentor TA staff inclusive of two TSOs and the CSO; allocating tasks; supporting development of individual work plans; monitoring performance against plans; provision of coaching and skills building in agreed priority areas
* Complete Annual Performance Appraisals on all TA staff
* Review and support strengthening of all outputs of the TA team members
* Conduct weekly meetings, at a minimum, with TA team members; Ensure meetings are minuted and placed on file

Responsibility 7: Monitoring, Reporting, Planning & Other Tasks

* Provide oversight for internal monitoring of STTA to ensure achievement of TA and QA indicators as set out in the TSF performance monitoring framework
* Maintain an electronic filing system for incoming TAF applications and other TA requests
* Prepare six monthly reports on TA assistance delivery via the OGAC & UNAIDS TAFs as well as fee-based work, inclusive of challenges and lessons learned
* Ensure ongoing generation of accurate statistics in relation to TA delivery using spreadsheets; maintain data charts (TSF internal chart and UNAIDS chart) and update on weekly basis capturing any changes as they occur in relation to level of consultant effort and other variables
* Ensure the TSF adheres to protocol requirements related to TA delivery
* Develop collaboration with reputable firms, NGOs, donors, and governmental agencies;
* Promote TSF’s expertise and capabilities in program areas associated with AMREF capacities
* Assist in marketing TSF services
* Network and create linkages with stakeholders
* Represent the TSF at national and regional meetings and fora as requested
* Participate in UNAIDS Governance meetings, as required, and senior team meetings of the TSF
* Together with line manager, take responsibility for own professional development
* Contribute to content development for the TSF website
* Contribute to positioning of TSF within AMREF’s new long range strategic plan
* Any other tasks commensurate with the position of technical support manager

Skills & Experience

* A PhD or Masters degree in a relevant health or related discipline
* Minimum 12 years successful track record in HIV/AIDS program delivery
* Extensive international consulting experience as a senior HIV/AIDS technical adviser/specialist at the national or regional level
* Previous experience in consultancy management highly preferred
* Extensive experience in Global Fund proposal development and grant implementation
* Strong track record in development of successful and complex competitive bid documents
* Technical expertise in at least 3 of the following areas: development of national HIV/AIDS strategic and operational plans; development of national HIV/AIDS monitoring frameworks; strengthening of national health systems; development of country level GFATM proposals; strengthening of GFATM CCMs, PRs and SRs
* Previous UNAIDS-related work experience highly desirable
* Past experience with an international NGO working on HIV and GFATM related work preferred
* In-depth knowledge of HIV and AIDS issues across Eastern Africa
* Thorough understanding of GFATM grant implementation bottlenecks and challenges experienced at the country level across Eastern Africa
* Demonstrated proficiency in use of dashboards for performance monitoring
* Proven knowledge and application of QA principles; Excellent analytical capacity

If you feel that you meet the above criteria, please quote the reference number and send your detailed CV and application letter by email to the Director of Human Resources at We will continue the search until these positions are filled, but we encourage interested candidates to submit their applications by February 25, 2009.

AMREF is an equal opportunity employer and has a non-smoking environment policy

Gender Specialist - Justice United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Location: Kabul, Afghanistan


Position Information:
Job Code Title: Gender Specialist (Justice)
Organizational Unit: UNDP/Gender Specialist Project
Type of Appointment:Appointment for Limited Duration (International)
Number of Vacant Positions: One (1)
Duration: One Year (with possibility of extension)
Duty Station: Kabul (with possibility of travel to other provinces), Afghanistan
Closing Date for Applications: 21 February 2009

Note: UNDP Afghanistan reserves the right to select one or more candidates from this vacancy announcement. We may also retain applications and consider candidates applying to this post for other similar positions with UNDP Afghanistan at the same grade level and with similar job description, experience and education requirements.

UNDP Mission Statement:

UNDP is the UN’s global development network, an organization advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life. We are on the ground in 166 countries, working with national counterparts on their own solutions to global and national development challenges.

Organizational Context:
UNDP has been providing gender technical support to the Government of Afghanistan through the Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MoWA) since 2002. In 2007 UNDP signed its new project Institutional Capacity Building for Gender Equality (Gender Equality) with the MoWA and the Ministry of Economy (MoEc) to strengthening capacity of selected state institutions for the advancement of gender equity and women’s empowerment in Afghanistan. The project aims to develop effective gender mainstreaming models to strengthen the capacity of government ministries and institutions at national and sub-national levels. The project is in line with the goals set out in the ANDS for gender equity and consistent with the Millennium Development Goals of gender equality and empowerment of women. The project has three components:

1) Modeling gender mainstreaming through selected ministries; 2) Sustainable knowledge building and management on gender; and 3) Towards women’s empowerment: conflict resolution, justice, security and peace at the sub-national level.

Gender Equality is geared towards strengthening the capacity of the counterparts and other ministries and institutions involved in the implementation of the project. The position of the Gender Specialist (Justice) has been created to support the management of the implementation of Component 3 Gender Equality project – Women’s Empowerment, Conflict Resolution, Justice, Security and Peace at the Sub-National Level.

Functions / Key Results Expected:
Under the overall supervision and guidance of the Gender Equality Programme Manager and in close cooperation with the Communication Specialist, the M&E and Learning Specialist, the Gender and Islamic Theology Specialist, the Provincial co-ordinators and local NGOs, the Gender Justice Specialist will undertake the following functions:

Summary of Key Functions:

• Establishment of a consensus among relevant partners and setting up of a coordination mechanism aimed at creating and maintaining a just and women-friendly society;
• Preparation of project component plan and guidelines for implementation, in accordance with the project document/ plan;
• Installation of an accessible mechanism for the registration of legal cases;
• Facilitation of knowledge building and promotion of capacity enhancement.

1. Ensure establishment of a consensus among relevant partners and setting up of a coordination mechanism aimed at creating and maintaining a just and women-friendly environment, focusing on achieving the following results:

• Conduct a consensus building workshop with partners at provincial level to identify their present level of understanding of the gender responsiveness of the justice system, as well as the preparedness to facilitate change towards better systems and access to justice for women;
• Set up a coordination mechanism to work on improvements in the field of justice for women with the key project partners;
• Prepare the TOR of members of the coordination mechanism; identify the institutional composition of the coordination mechanism; coordinate the formulation and implementation of the mechanism’s plan of action to, among others, undertake activities in the field of awareness raising and para-legal education on gender justice issues and mechanisms;
• In coordination with the Communications Specialist, launch the creation of the coordination mechanism.

2. Ensure preparation of project component plan and guidelines for implementation, in accordance with the project document/ plan, focusing on achieving the following results:

• Develop an action plan with partners to undertake activities in the field of awareness raising and legal education on gender justice issues and mechanisms:

o In the communities and with Shuras;
o With local authorities;
o With law enforcement agencies;
o With DoWA and DoJ staff;
o With the Civil Society Institutions.

• In close cooperation with the M&E and Learning Specialist, develop guidelines for ongoing assessment, evaluation and improvement of the programme activities;
• In cooperation with the M&E and Learning Specialist, develop a monitoring system to determine the results of project component interventions.

3. Ensure installation of an accessible mechanism for the registration of legal cases, focusing on achieving the following results:

• In coordination with the proper authorities, set up easily usable systems for registering legal cases and prepare guidelines for handling them;
• In close coordination with the Communications Specialist, widely disseminate information on the use of these registration systems.

4. Ensure facilitation in knowledge building and promotion of capacity enhancement, focusing on achieving the following results:

• Synthesis of lessons learnt and best practices;
• Sound contribution to knowledge building and communities of practice;
• Organisation of trainings for project staff and relevant counterparts, on legal and women rights issues;
• Selection and training of paralegals and setting up of a support and supervision system;
• Undertake any other related job as assigned by the Programme Manager of Gender Equality.

Impact of Results:
• The key results have an impact on the overall effectiveness and success of UNDP’s interventions and activities in achieving the country’s development and the MDGs;
• Gender responsiveness of the justice system and greater access to justice by women.

Corporate Competencies
• Demonstrates integrity by modeling the UN’s values and ethical standards;
• Advocates and promotes the vision, mission, and strategic goals of UN.

Functional Competencies

• Ability to establish effective working relations in a multi-cultural environment;
• Ability to manage multiple tasks in an effective, pro-active and timely manner and apply newly acquired knowledge and skills;
• Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude;
• Demonstrates openness to change and ability to manage complexities;
• Analytical and communication skills;
• A high level of professionalism and integrity to be demonstrated at all times;
• Focuses on results and responds positively to feedback;
• Understanding of post conflict environment, ever evolving development challenges;
• Excellent planning and organisational skills;
• Excellent communication and negotiation skills;
• Stress management ability, patience and tolerance;
• Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability

Qualifications and Experiences:
• Masters degree or higher in civil and/or sharia law and additional training in other relevant subject areas including gender, economics, governance and/or other related social sciences.
• A minimum of 5 years experience in the development, and management of gender justice sensitisation, training and advocacy activities;
• Strong ability for networking and collaborative work with government, national/international organizations and local entities, etc;
• Practical didactic skills and experience in knowledge transfer, capacity building and teamwork;
• Proven skills and attitude to handle religious and cultural sensitivity in addressing gender issues;
• Knowledge and understanding of cultural, political and development landscape of Afghanistan;
• Ability to work under pressure and meeting tight multiple deadlines with minimum supervision;
• Sound computer skills.
Language Requirements:
• Excellent command of written and spoken English;
• Knowledge of Pashto or Dari will be of great value.

Submission of Applications :
Interested and qualified International candidates should apply on-line through the UNDP Jobs site at

Please ensure that you upload your UN Personal History Form-P11 (available at in the relevant field of the on-line applications.

Incomplete applications or applications received after the closing date (21 February 2009) will not be given consideration. Please note that only applications who are short-listed will be contacted.

For more detailed information about UNDP Afghanistan please visit our website at

Candidates, who are currently holding UNDP or UN Agencies contracts, are asked to declare the type contract and duration, in their application”.

Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply.

Water & Sanitation Delegate British Red Cross (BRC)

Job Purpose:
To support the delivery of the British Red Cross Recovery programme, specifically the activities relating to water schemes (drinking water and irrigation) in four villages in Kohistan. Specifically the post holder is responsible for the implementation and field supervision of community based drinking and water irrigation supply projects, working with established community based organisations (CBO’s) in line with agreed plans and designs, and in adherence to government regulations.

£25,034 per annum, (plus incremental salary according to previous relevant Red Cross experience). Benefits include living allowance, R&R, 30 days annual leave pro-rata.

Contract Period: 6 months

Location: Kohistan, NWFP, Pakistan

Please note this is an unaccompanied post.
Please note that the closing date for this post is 16 February 2009.

Interviews will be held week beginning 23 February 2009.

The British Red Cross is committed to implementing the People In Aid Code of Good Practice and is an equal opportunities employer.

Apply at

Team Co-ordinator, Health Systems Marie Stopes International

Team Co-ordinator, Health Systems
Job Reference Number: M09/0031
Country: United Kingdom
Location: London
Team: Administration
Closing date: 27/02/2009

Marie Stopes International (MSI) is one of the largest international family planning organisations in the world. We are a marketing focused, results oriented social enterprise that develops efficient, effective and sustainable family planning programmes in the UK and 43 countries around the world. Every year MSI provides over five million people with high quality health services.

The main purpose of this role is to ensure the smooth running of the Health Systems Team on a day-to-day basis through providing an effective working environment, acting as a point of contact with other teams and providing administrative and logistical support to team members.

A strong administrator with excellent written and verbal communication skills, you will be able to manage a fluctuating workload whilst managing conflicting demands of a team.

This post attracts a UK salary and benefits package.

Based in London, with some travel, we are offering you the opportunity to take your career to the next level, whilst putting your skills to use assisting us to achieve our Mission of ‘Children by Choice, not Chance’. You must be pro choice on abortion.

To apply, please review the job framework at then either apply online via application or CV and covering letter

Closing Date: 27th February 2009

Country Representative



TITLE: Country Representative
UNIT: Afghanistan
SUPERVISOR: Vice President, Field Operations
SUPERVISES: National, international employees and consultants


The Country Representative is the senior most Foundation employee in Afghanistan and accountable for all Foundation programs, operations and external relations in accordance with Foundation strategies and policy guidelines. The Representative provides overall leadership and is responsible for managing all aspects of the Foundation’s work in Afghanistan, including security, administration, fiscal management, and grant management; the direction, supervision, and evaluation of employees; fundraising and the diversification of donor support; the design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of program activities. The Representative represents The Asia Foundation with host government, donors, partner agencies, diplomatic missions, national and international institutions, and the media.

Daily direction and supervision of national and international employees; regular direction of consultants; occasional contact with interns and external Foundation contractors.

Frequent contact with the Vice President and Directors of Field Operations. Regular contact with Foundation Representatives and Deputy Representatives in Asia, the Executive Vice President, Vice President and Program unit Directors including Themes and Public Sector Development Services, Vice President and Resource Development unit staff, Vice President and Partners in Asian Development staff, Vice President and Washington, D.C. office staff, Director and Communications unit staff, Chief Financial Officer and financial services staff, and the Manager and Human Resources unit staff.

Occasional contact with the Foundation President and Board of Trustees members.

Frequent contact with senior host government officials, heads of agencies, national and international partners and grantees in Afghanistan.

Regular contact with senior members of bi-lateral and multi-lateral development assistance agencies, private sector and individual donors, senior personnel in key diplomatic missions, national and international NGO directors and staff, professional associations, academic and national institutions, national and international media.

Minimum ten years of progressively responsible professional experience in international development in Asia or in conflict afflicted countries with private, public, bi-lateral or multi-lateral development institutions and non-profit organizations. Proven track record in program development and fundraising from public sector donors. Experience in proposal and report writing, financial and grants management and budget control, strategic planning, fundraising and managing international donor-funded projects.

Masters degree or Doctorate degree in a field related to Foundation programs.

Strong team building, representational and diplomacy skills. Demonstrated management skills and experience supervising multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams; strong analytical and problem solving skills; excellent verbal and written communication skills, including public speaking experience; proven interpersonal and intercultural skills and ability to work in a highly political environment.

Living and working experience in Asia. Knowledge of Dari and/or Pushto language desirable. Background or technical proficiency in one or more of the following fields: political science, law, social sciences, public policy, public administration, international relations, women’s education/development, economics, foreign affairs and Asian Studies.


Program Development and Management

• Tracks and analyzes updated information on socio-economic, political and foreign policy dynamics and trends in Afghanistan.

• Leads the development of an integrated country strategy in compliance with the Foundation’s thematic, program, operational and financial strategies and priorities.

• Develops and ensures timely submission of annual plans and reports; responsible for achievement of objectives; leads program design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

• Assures the quality, impact/scale and cost-effectiveness of the country program through a combination of grants, technical assistance, and direct Foundation implemented activities.
• Develops and implements pro-active fundraising strategies and plans to diversity funding sources and achieve program and management objectives; prepares proposals in accordance with Foundation and donor protocols and guidelines.

• Mobilizes in-country, regional and international technical expertise and resources from Foundation staff and external consultants as required for program development, implementation and evaluation.

• Develops and submits timely reports as required; maintains, updates and ensures the availability of accurate program information, documentation and publications as necessary.

Financial Management and Administration

• Develops project budgets, the fiscal year country budget and spending projections; ensures that budgets and spending projections are kept up-to-date and relevant; ensures expenditures are within approved budgets and that spending targets are met.

• Ensures compliance with all grant and contract requirements, and related regulations and procedures.

• Meets all due diligence requirements of sub-grants and sub-contracts.

• Ensures compliance with all financial and accounting procedures; prepares and submits timely financial reports to the Foundation and donors as required. Promotes financial accountability and transparency.

• Establishes administrative, grant management and financial policies and practices within established Foundation requirements; ensures proper systems are in place for the controls of all assets, funds, equipment, property, and facilities.

Supervision and Staff Development

• Oversees the recruitment, orientation, training, supervision and promotion of international and national staff, consultants and interns.

• Establishes and maintains transparent personnel management, benefits and compensation policies and practices in accordance with Foundation policies and local labor laws.

• Oversees staff performance evaluation and planning systems and process; identifies opportunities for the professional development of national and international staff.

• Designs and implements an effective staff hierarchy and organizational structure consistent with Foundation policies and commensurate with scale and scope of program and operational requirements.


• Establishes and maintains effective, professional and senior level relationships with the host government, national institutions, program partners, development assistance agencies, donors, diplomatic missions, national and international NGOs, professional associations, academic and national institutions.

• Establishes and maintains constructive public relations in Afghanistan; ensures professional standard of Foundation facilities; assures positive profile through media coverage of programs and events.

• Participates in meetings and events to enhance public awareness of the Foundation and to expand the Foundation's professional network and access to relevant information.

• Prepares articles, written materials and documentation for publication; contributes to scholarly or development community knowledge about Afghanistan, development programs, issues or trends.

• Participates in Foundation meetings and other relevant professional forums and events.


• Oversees and ensures safety and security of Foundation staff and facilities; raises staff safety awareness, undertakes risk assessments, and develops and implements crisis management plans in accordance with Foundation protocols.

• Participates in Foundation-led initiatives, task-forces, committees and strategic planning processes.

• Provides support as warranted to other Foundation offices in program development, proposal writing, representation or other activities.

• Undertakes other duties as assigned.

Apply at

AED Chief of Party, Afghanistan #MD9040dnj

AED is seeking a Chief of Party for the ARIES (Agriculture, Rural Investment and Enterprise Strengthening) project. ARIES is a USAID- funded rural finance program designed to implement innovative, comprehensive, and integrated approaches to sustainable economic growth with poverty reduction. The position is based in Afghanistan.

The Chief of Party will provide leadership and direction for the remaining nine months of program activity and partner management.

Responsibilities will include the following:

• Serve as the overall field-based manager for the program and provide strategic vision for and leadership to expand the program’s support to the rural financial sector to support the agriculture and rural enterprise program goals.
• Liaise and coordinate ARIES activities with USAID/Afghanistan and Partners in selected production areas to increase farmer access to financing, micro-lending, agricultural inputs and other services.
• Provide strategic and technical leadership to the project, focusing on the completion of activities already underway and charting of new activities in the microfinance and enterprise development field that can advance and enhance goals of the ARIES program;
• Work with USAID Alternative Development Programs (ADPs) and other USAID Agriculture and Business Development partners including other donors and appropriate government bodies to build an enabling environment for the rural finance sector needed to support rural agriculture and enterprise growth in Afghanistan.


Minimum of 10-12 years experience managing overseas, multi-partner development programs, especially USAID-funded programs; experience in SME and LSE Ag Business and micro-finance/enterprise development, including financing agriculture value-chain activities; ability to development working relationships especially in technical areas as rural agriculture and enterprises; familiarity with South Asia and Afghanistan; fluency in English.

Interested applicants should submit their resume and cover letter referencing job #MD9040dnj to
We thank all individuals for their interest in AED, however only those selected for interviews will be contacted.


For a complete job description, please visit:

There are few resume samples which are specially desinged to serve the purpose of giving some idea about efficient resume writing. These resume template can be used as references when you'll creating resume for Ngo Jobs.

This is one of ngo's resume example Preview:


A determined and focused professional with a wide variety of practical experience in
Projects ( Designing, Proposal writing, Implementations & Field / Operational Management );
gained over a number of experiences with high profiled multinational organizations and ingos’.
Experience 9-years in Africa / 12-years in Europe, Gulf States, Russian States and Pakistan
Languages Fluent in English, Arabic and Urdu, mother tongue Punjabi
• Excellent practical knowledge of Operations & Logistics Management, working experience for
Transports, Facilities, Procurement, Tendering, Inventory, import, export documentation
• Excellent reports writing skills, able to write clearly and concisely, with considerable
experience in editing primary material into accessible documents.
• Excellent communication skills, excellent interpersonal skills including ability to operate
effectively across organizational boundaries; ability to establish working relations in a multicultural
and multi ethnic environment
• Computer Skill
Proficient computer skills and use of relevant software and other applications e.g. Microsoft
office ( word / excel / access / power point ), email / internet research skills.
• Director Planning for ASAL, Sudan based NGO working for Eradication of Drugs (2007)
• Coordinator for Sudanese NGO, Ana Assudan working for HIV/Aids, women/children (2006)
• Country Director for Sudan, INGO, Innocent Child, UK, working for Children (2003-05)
• Director Operations, Higleig Int’l Co. Ltd, Khartoum, for WFP (UN)- for Logistics (2002-03)

• Director Project, with the support of SVE-solarenergy GmbH, Germany;
for Solar Energy Projects for Rural / Urban & Remote areas in Sudan. (2000-02)
• Technical Consultant, Sudanese chambers of Industries Association, Development Projects
• Consultant, NMCP Programme, The Netherlands, worked for the Project “Transfer of Skill and
Technologies for under developed Countries” (1990-92)
• Volunteer, Pakistan Volunteer Services, many tasks been conducted at Pakistan (1980-86)
1992 Masters in Literature & Linguistics Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan
1989 Graduate in Social Sciences (Sociology, Journalism), Punjab University, Lahore.
1986 B.Sc. ( Chem.), Main Project (Ind. Chemicals), Punjab University, Lahore.
Professional Qualifications
2006 Masters in Logistics Management, Belford University, USA (Dist. Learning)
Courses & Skill Trainings
- SVC-GmbH (Germany) Solar Systems and applications, basic courses for
" Technical Training in Marketing Management, Logistics & Liaison Management "
- NMCP-Netherlands (National Management & Consultancy Program) Research work,
Technical Training & Professional studies for Consultancy Services for through NMCP-program “
Transfer of skill and technologies to under developed countries and remote areas by Providing
technical training to semi skilled persons and high techniques to the skill, utilization and
upgrading of products and by-products from the animal resources "
- SEABOARD Chemicals Inc., USA
- SETON Co. (Willington chem. Corp.), USA
“ Specialization in Industrial Chemicals and pesticides “ processing and development of fertilizers
from the edible seeds and cake / wastes and animal sources " Marketing Management, Logistics
& Liaison Management Training and field works"
Attended many technical & skill training courses, short term-courses, workshops and relevant
supporting studies through Internet, Literatures, Distant learning & Seminars at:
Pakistan, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Russian states, Gulf states, The Netherlands. and Sudan.

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