Technical Coordinator East Africa
The Common Code for the Coffee Community Association (4C)
Location: Kampala, Uganda

Terms of Reference
Technical Coordinator East Africa
4C Office East Africa


The Common Code for the Coffee Community Association (4C) is a global association that collectively engages producers, trade, industry and civil society responsible for the economic, social and environmental stewardship of the coffee sector to continuously increase the sustainability of coffee.

For the successful rolling out of its activities in different coffee regions, the Manager Decentralization and Support Services of the 4C Secretariat is currently setting up regional offices in major producing regions.

In this context, the 4C Association enlarges its team at its regional 4C Office East Africa and seeks a Technical Coordinator in order to ensure adequate support for 4C members, technical coordination and permanent visibility in the respective region.

The Technical Coordinator East Africa is mainly in charge of coordinating and conducting different Support Services (such as trainings, orientation and support for 4C members to prepare for verification and ensure continuous improvement, tool development, development of projects) in close cooperation with partner organizations and 4C members of the 4C Association in Eastern and Southern Africa. Additionally, the Technical Coordinator East Africa contributes to the further development of Support Services in the region and the monitoring of impacts, and provides input to technical aspects concerning the revision processes of 4C Code and indicators at international and regional level.

Within the Secretariat the position of the Technical Coordinator Africa is under the guidance of the Manager Decentralization and Support Services. He /she works in close collaboration with the Regional Coordinator Africa at 4C Office East Africa, as well as the Support Service and Relationship Coordinators and the Verification Manager at 4C Office Bonn.


• Support implementing and further building up the support services in Eastern and Southern Africa in close collaboration with 4C Office Bonn, especially regarding 4C trainings and technical support for 4C Units
• Arrange/ conduct trainings in close cooperation with partner organizations, Mastertrainers and 4C members
• Provide information, guidance and technical support regarding 4C application and preparation for verification to 4C Units in the region
• Maintain close communication with 4C Units
• Contribute to and technical backstopping during the establishment / maintenance of the 4C tool library
• Support establishment and maintenance of co-operations with donor organizations, research institutions and technical assistance providers in Africa in close cooperation with Office Bonn and Regional Coordinator East Africa
• Support 4C related project activities and tool development with technical advise
• Coordinate / provide technical advice for future 4C Working groups/ 4C forums in Eastern / Southern Africa and for the Technical Committee
• Expand 4C support platform (network) in Eastern /Southern Africa in close collaboration with Office Bonn and Regional Coordinator East Africa
• Provide input to success stories and lessons learnt from practical application
• Support organization of meetings, events and specialist conferences in Africa
• Closely cooperate with the 4C Secretariat in finalizing documents and forms which deal with issues on field level
• Contribute to preparation of reports on 4C activities in Africa

• Report to Manager Decentralization and Support Services of the 4C Association

• Based at 4C Office East Africa, Kampala, Uganda
• Regional Business travels, esp. to other coffee producing countries in Eastern /Southern Africa
• Intercontinental Business travels to attend strategic 4C team meetings and other important international events

• Two years, starting March 1st, 2009 or as early as possible

Time dedicated to fulfil tasks as Technical Coordinator East Africa:
• 5 working days/ week, average 40 hours

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